COVID-19 and Employees’ Legal Protections

Many employees have lost their job due to COVID-19 and have questions about their legal rights. In the midst of this growing pandemic, your job security is rapidly changing. That is why it’s important to know what you can do if you are faced with an employment situation due to COVID-19. Employees have many legal protections under Federal and State laws related to COVID-19 issues and concerns. If you, a friend or family member has been fired or furloughed after making complaints about COVID-19 and the workplace, you may have legal claims.  Our experienced San Antonio employment discrimination lawyers can help you.

What if I complain about an unsafe workplace because the employer does not have proper personal protective equipment [PPE] or cleaning procedures for COVID- 19 and I am fired or suspended because of my complaint?

  • if you are fired, suspended, demoted or written up after raising safety concerns about the workplace [such as lack of personal protective equipment or lack of cleaning procedures], the employer may have violated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s [OSHA] regulations that provide protection to employees from termination or retaliation if they report safety violations in the workplace. There are very short time limitations to report such violations [30 Days] to OSHA and failure to make a timely report would result in waiving your rights under OSHA. 
  • employees also have protections if you speak to co-workers about working conditions or refuse to work in unsafe working conditions due to COVID-19, or other safety issues, and bring these issues up to your employer. If you are fired, demoted, suspended or your pay is reduced because you make such complaints, you may also have legal protections under the National Labor Relations Act.
  • your employer cannot fire you, discipline you, suspend you or threaten you because you speak to co-workers about safety issues at work, including discussions about safety concerns about COVID-19 in the workplace. 

If you feel like your health, or your co-workers’ health is in immediate danger because of COVID-19, and your employer terminates you, suspends you or takes any other adverse action against you because you complain, contact your San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg as soon as possible to protect yourself and others. 

What can I do if I need my case evaluated related to COVID-19?

  • you may contact the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg for a free case evaluation to help you assess whether or not you may have a legal claim.
  • feel free to call, send us an email, or visit our website and complete a contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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