Practice Areas

Jeffrey A. Goldberg has successfully represented both employees and executives in litigation involving employment law. Jeffrey A. Goldberg is Certified by Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Our services have helped workers involved with discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, overtime/wage issues, and other workplace disputes. In addition, Jeffrey A. Goldberg successfully negotiates severance agreements and employment contracts.

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Executive Legal Services

Employment Contracts
Severance Package Review
Non-Compete Agreements and Non-Solicitation Agreements

Employees Legal Services

Race / Color / National Origin Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Sex Discrimination
EEOC Claims
Fired After On-The-Job Injury
Overtime/Wage Disputes
Government Fraud Cases
Whistleblower Claims
Discriminatory Harassment
Disability Discrimination
TWC Unemployment Claims
Other Employment Related Claims
Employment Contracts
Severance Package Review
Non-Compete Agreements & Non-Solicitation Agreements