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Executive Legal Services

Jeffrey A. Goldberg has successfully represented both employees and executives in multiple litigations involving employment law.

He is board certified in employment law for executives and employees. Our services have helped workers involved with discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, overtime/wage issues, and other workplace disputes.

Employment Contracts

Although Texas is an at-will employment state, you may have entered into an Employment Agreement with your employer that precludes your employer from terminating you for a period of time except under certain circumstances.

If you believe you have been terminated in violation or breach of your contract, contact our office immediately to help you understand all of the terms and conditions of the contract. You need to understand what rights, and remedies, the purported contract may give you under Texas law.

If you have an employment contract and need help in evaluating an employment agreement, contact The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg today.

Severance Package Review

If you have been terminated from employment, fired due to a “reduction of force”, “downsized”, “restructured”, or simply quit employment, you may have the right to negotiate a severance package. My firm will help you assess whether or not you may be entitled to a severance package, or help you evaluate a proposed severance package.

We will help you assess your claims and what leverage you may have to obtain a severance package. You may be entitled to a severance package, even if you quit your job.

Contact The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg to help you evaluate your circumstances.


Non-Compete Agreements and Non-Solicitation Agreements

In some instances, an employer may have you sign a “non-compete agreement” as a term of your employment. It is important for an employee to understand the nature of these agreements and the limitations it may place on the employee when he or she seeks new or other employment. We can assist you in helping you evaluate and negotiate the non-compete agreement upon your hire, or review and analyze the enforceability of the agreement at the time of your separation of employment.

Should you have questions concerning non-compete agreements and/or non-solicitation agreements, contact our office immediately.